Townhouse VS Twin House

townhouse vs twin house

When it comes to making a decision about real estate, knowing the distinction between a twin house and a townhouse can save you a great deal of time and effort and even, in some cases, it could save you some cash.
The titles of these two types of homes are very similar, which can lead to confusion.
Because of this, we have decided to resolve this issue to ensuring that you will never get these two things confused with one another again.
So, let’s discuss townhouse vs twin house, which may not be recognized as huge differences, still when you acknowledge such differences, you will be able to make up your mind pretty fast.
Once you decided, which one you want, go to Atric Developments and check out our amazing project “Boardwalk” in the New Capital, and check out our breathtaking compound.

The basic differences


  • Less sun exposure
  • Smaller gardens
  • Multiple neighbors

Twin house: 

  • More sun exposure
  • Larger gardens
  • One neighbor

Townhouse vs twin house

Twin houses are essentially two separate residences that share a single plot of land and are separated from one another by a shared wall and fence.
Each of the twin houses has its own private garden, and there is typically entrance to the garden from the side of the house.
Townhouses often have no side access and only a backyard, as they are built on a shared piece of ground that is shared with multiple other neighbors sometimes as many as six.
Because of the unique configurations of twin houses and townhouses, the former typically have larger gardens with more angles that are exposed to direct sunshine.
While the latter typically share walls with many other homes, resulting in smaller gardens that receive less direct sunlight.

Further differences

Having said that townhouse and twin house each has its unique price point to offer. In general, twin homes are more expensive than townhouses, with the exception of corner townhouses.
For the reasons that were discussed before in this section. Corner townhouses are slightly more expensive than regular townhouses because of their similarity to a twin house.
However, corner townhouses are most likely to sell out first during a launch due to the fact that they provide an experience similar to that of a twin house at a cost that is lower than the cost of a twin house.
That is about it and it all sums up the matter of townhouse vs twin house, now knowing the full differences between them.

Why choosing Boardwalk?

Now that we have discussed the townhouse vs twin house issue, it is extremely wise to choose us when it comes to buying either one of them.
We provide you both twin houses and townhouses, whatever you please. Both on a landscape that is extremely positive and healing.
With green areas that relieves the stress and gives you the authentic vibe you are dying to have, and don’t forget to ask us about out special installment plans. 

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