About us

About us

About us



We treat our projects precisely, we are keen to present homes; real homes. From this perception, we always insist on attracting premium building materials, utmost designs, and facilitating a convenient walkaround. The landscapes around are usually an inspiring surrounding. All of the touchpoints at our homes create an ever-lasting living experience. We sought the modern solutions and techniques of every detail while re-defining the scene of the real estate industry. Previously, we started building separate residential units in popular territories to build whole communities for the time being. Providing ultimate service quality and keeping our promises is – Our endless goal. . Throughout our journey … We aimed to prove ourselves to be a leading real estate developer in Egypt, leading in prime locations, constructions, sleek interiors, after sales’ service, and community’s management.


Our Vision

With compelling history and empowered present, we are building our future. We aim to be top of mind for those who are not searching for a house, but a home that is warm. We believe that working with “all our heart” can change the world and here we are sustaining our reputation as one of the most trusted and well-recognized real-estate developers in Egypt.



We’re dedicated to achieving our vision by providing an elevated experience and building enduring client relationships. By setting our bar high and going beyond it, we are uplifting the qualities of life and creating unique architectural aspects. We are committed to delivering excellence and offering you the ideal choices you deserve.

Our Core Values



We appreciate the essential needs of human beings. Our development of our core traits and culture is maintained to suit and fit the positive and satisfaction attributes of our community.



Trust is a main key for success. Through our existence in the market, we exerted our most effort to prove to ourselves and the market that we are a trustable real-estate developer. Our accomplishments and achievements in the market is tagged by the trust our community shares with us.



We are always committed to prove and implement means of elevated life. Till the time being, ATRIC is recognized as the most committed real-estate developer in terms of satisfying its communities across each and every touchpoint.



Our expertise and professionals always leave no area for mistakes. Being experienced in the real-estate industry with a wide portfolio across years granted us the confidence and the certainty to be your most reliable companion.

Atric Developments


Our Heritage of over 20  years’ experience in Real Estate has lead us to provide residential, commercial and second home units that fulfill the needs of Egyptian households, best standards of quality living with increasing return on investment, uniqueness of design and location with an outstanding customer care service.

We are following our standards of distinctiveness at El Asreya, aiming to understand the unique customer needs and provide them with top-notch Real Estate developments.

Furthermore, we constantly improve our services by closely studying the changes in the Real Estate market to develop projects that meet both the Egyptian community values and the needs of modern lifestyle, in terms of luxury and convenience.
Our valuable customers are our ultimate priority aiming at building a tradition of trust and quality living.