New Cairo Real Estate for Sale and Instalment

New Cairo real estate for sale

Are you looking for something to invest in, that has a very fancy outlook with vast facilities?
Well, the searching stops now, for you have reached the perfect place for getting all your needs fulfilled.
While, finding an apartment that meets all of your expectations could be full of work, between getting what you want and not paying a fortune, just to get high quality.
Basically, the whole thing is such a hassle, but don’t worry the hassle stops here, as Atric Developments offers you the best New Cairo real estate for sale.

What is Atric Developments?

Atric is one of the leading real estate companies in Egypt, with more than 23 years of experience and many projects.
Each project is carefully established to suit the surrounded area and the general mood.
Atric has a good understanding of the fundamental requirements that are placed on human beings. Our growth of our fundamental characteristics and culture is preserved so that it can suit and fit the positive and satisfying aspects of our society.
Our presence in the market has been the driving force behind our greatest efforts, which have been directed toward demonstrating.
To both ourselves and the market that we are a reliable real estate developer. As trust is the most important ingredient for achievement.
The level of confidence and support that our local community has in them is directly correlated to our successes and accomplishments in the market.
We are unwavering in our dedication to discover and put into practice ways to live a more elevated existence.
To this day, Atric is acknowledged as the most committed real estate developer in terms of serving its communities across each and every touchpoint. This recognition dates back to when the company was founded.
Our level of experience and professionalism always ensure that there is no room for errors.
The fact that we have worked in the real estate market for a while and accumulated a substantial portfolio over the years has given them the self-assurance and the knowledge that we will be your most dependable buddy.

What are Atric’s projects?

Atric has several projects, and each one of them is very unique to the geographical area in which each project is based.

  1. Board Walk Diplomatic Village :

This project includes the best New Cairo real estate for sale. The R7 neighborhood is considered one of the most prestigious in New Capital, which is where you’ll find Boardwalk.
Due to the fact that it contains both primary tourist destinations and mixed-use neighborhoods, the R7 district is widely regarded as one of the most critical parts of the new capital.
Everything is within your grasp at Boardwalk, and nothing is out of your reach. Boardwalk is in the heart of a fully integrated residential compound that caters to every need, ranging from the requirements of daily life to the most extravagant fantasies.
It is a vibrant booster mood that is overwhelming in the environment of extra-relieving facilities and services that re-innovate the elegant theme.
Moreover, it re-innovates the elegant theme. A gated facade protects the privacy of those who enter and exit the business area, which is adjacent to the main property.
Boardwalk is a commercial district that was designed with the intent of catering to the residents of the surrounding region and meeting all of our requirements and preferences.

  1. Divina Gardens:

In the midst of serene surroundings, the property of The Villas evokes the atmosphere of an opulent vacation spot.
The open-concept layout of Divina Gardens was conceived with the intention of creating a large and opulent community that would be provided with extraordinary facilities and services.
Our customers are able to take advantage of the tranquilly of the location while yet being in the center of the attractions offered by both the old and new capitals because the project is situated in an important position.

Further projects

Atric Developments not only offers New Cairo real estate for sale, but also offers a bohemian safe haven for those who wanders which is “Boho El Sokhna”.
Everything at Boho is melodic, every nook and cranny is artistic, and every perspective is lively and important to the community.
Boho is a place where you can let your true self shine. Which makes those with youthful or even childlike souls are encouraged to take advantage of the welcoming environment and enjoy life the way it was meant to be lived.
An environment conducive to discovery, innovation, and starting again has been cultivated. There is a strong presence of bohemian energy all around.
Boho is considered the very first bohemian cultured resort located directly on the beach.
A stimulating environment in which to rediscover oneself and revitalize one’s energy a vacation spot on the shores of the Red Sea that is open all year round.

Why choosing Us when it comes to choosing New Cairo real estate for sale?

As Atric is considered one of the best places to choose when it comes to not only buying a new home, but also to invest.
Also, not to forget the fact that we are one of the most popular companies to develop such incredible luxurious places in Egypt.

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