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property for sale in Cairo Egypt

Getting a place where you could feel a hundred percent comfortable in, not only in the property itself but also in its surroundings is not a piece of cake.
As it could take years searching for a community that would support your everyday habits and your peacefulness, a place away from all the outside hassle.
A place where traffic jam is nearly vanished and includes almost everything you need to maintain your normal routine without having to get stuck many hours in your car.
That is why we recommend you choosing Atric Developments when it comes to finding a suitable property for sale in Cairo Egypt For finding a company that you can fully trust and match their project’s ads with what you see in real life, is very hectic.
As Atric Developments has several projects that would defiantly take your breath away, and make you most comfortable in whatever project you choose.

What to look for when choosing a property for sale in Cairo Egypt?

  • Location
  • Price
  • Environment
  • Ownership type
  • Property management
  • Insurance

Atric Developments in Cairo Egypt.

The Board Walk Diplomatic Village:
This development features some of the most desirable real estate currently available in New Cairo, which makes it one of the most significant places in searching for a property for sale in Cairo Egypt.
Boardwalk is located in the R7 neighborhood, which is widely regarded as one of the most desirable areas in all of New Cairo.
The R7 area is widely recognized as one of the most important parts of the new capital city.
What it makes it very special is the location of the area places it in close proximity to a number of significant sites in the New Capital, including the Presidential Palace, the Government district, the Ministerial district, and the Diplomatic district.
This is mostly attributable to the fact that it is home to both key tourist locations and communities with a diverse range of uses.
At Boardwalk, you will find that nothing is out of your reach, as the location puts everything within easy access.
Boardwalk is located in the center of a fully integrated residential compound that serves every need, from the necessities of everyday living to the most extravagant fantasies.
The range of needs that may be satisfied inside this compound is extensive.
It is a vivacious booster mood that is overpowering in the atmosphere of extra-relieving amenities and services that are re-innovating the beautiful theme.
In addition to that, the notion of elegance is reimagined here. People who approach and leave the commercial section, which is adjacent to the main property, are shielded from prying eyes by a gated facade that safeguards their privacy.
Boardwalk is a business district that was planned with the purpose of providing for the needs of the people who live in the surrounding area and conforming to all of our requirements as well as our own preferences.

Another project to consider

Divina Gardens:
The property of The Villas, which is located in an area known for its tranquilly, gives off the impression that it is a luxurious vacation destination.
The design of Divina Gardens, which features an open floor plan, was designed with the goal of producing a vast and luxurious community that would be furnished with amazing amenities and services.
Because of the project’s prominent location, our clients have the opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet of the setting.
While also being in the heart of the attractions provided by both the historic and contemporary capitals. Which makes it a fascinating place when it comes to searching for a property for sale in Cairo Egypt.

Why choosing Atric Developments?

Atric is currently compiling a list of projects, each of which reflects the distinctive characteristics of the specific region in which it is located.
It is also essential to mention that we are one of the most well-known organizations in Egypt and that we are the ones who are responsible for the construction of such incredible wonderful places.
You won’t need to put undue stress on yourself while you’re in the process of purchasing your new house because we provide adaptable spending limits.
This is another factor that places us at the head of the pack in the race to find a property for sale in Cairo Egypt that has real estate listings available for purchase.