Where to Find the Best Real Estate Prices in Cairo, Egypt?

real estate prices in Cairo Egypt

We are all looking for the best chances to haunt, especially at this time, and that is what ATRIC Developments is providing for the clients.
ATRIC Developments is committed to offering the best real estate prices in Cairo Egypt and the best services in the industry.

A Unique Project of Your Choice

ATRIC Developments owns a lot of special projects in different strategic locations and unique places.
We choose vital locations for our projects, in order to enjoy the calmness, have easy access to all the main roads, and to work as a cultural bridge between the old and the new capital.
All of our projects feature the most distinctive locations, in case you choose to live in Shorouk City, or the New Capital, so you can get the best real estate prices in Cairo, Egypt.
Even if you are looking for a special vacation, BOHO El-Sokhna is the most ideal place for you.

Boardwalk – New Capital

One of our current bestselling projects is BoardWalk, New Capital, which lies in the golden residential district R7.
Boardwalk compound provides you with integrated facilities, in addition to a full access to everything. In Boardwalk, everything is reachable. 

Divina Gardens – El-Shorouk City

Enjoy a peaceful surrounding in El-Shorouk City at Divina Gardens Compound.
The compound is designed on an area of 26 acres, at kilo 37 of Cairo-Ismailia Road, featuring services such as: a walkway, swimming pools, and kids area.
Own your villa with the best real estate prices in Cairo Egypt, and choose from multiple areas, and types.

BOHO El-Sokhna

Get a nature inspired home, rediscover yourself, and find your inner peace at one of the best locations in El-Sokhna.
We provide our clients with a premium location incubating the most breathable spot in that area.
BOHO El-Sokhna is only an 80-minute road trip from Cairo, with breathtaking views, and integrated facilities such as: a night cinema, sport yards, boutique hotel, and kids area.

More about ATRIC Developments

If you are looking for the best real estate prices in Cairo Egypt, ATRIC Developments offers you what you need with competitive prices.
With more than 20 years of experience in the real estate world, we choose our vital locations carefully, and provide them with all the integrated services.
Contact ATRIC Developments now, to know more about our prices, services, and installment offers.

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