Selecting Your House in The best Compounds in New Capital

The best Compounds in New Capital

Do you want to start investing your money but have no idea where to start? Do you want to invest in a new house that is surrounded by a breathtaking landscape but with an affordable price?
Start investing now in the best compounds in new capital with Atric Developments. Boardwalk is where you could fell at home, as well as, investing comfortably.
Boardwalk is one of Atric’s projects in the New Capital. It is located in the R7 neighborhood, which is considered to be one of the most prestigious in the New Capital.
Due to the fact that it contains both primary tourist destinations and mixed-use neighborhoods, the R7 district is widely regarded as one of the most important parts of the new capital.
Everything is within reach at Boardwalk, reachable. Get a home in the heart of a residential community that caters to every imaginable need.

Why Boardwalk?

Every conceivable need, ranging from the necessities of daily life to the most extravagant fantasies.
It is an energetic and uplifting attitude that is overpowering in light of the abundance of additional stress-relieving amenities and services that are available, reinvents the concept of luxury in a new way.
The residential neighborhood has a shopping district annexed to it via a gated facade for the purpose of ensuring both privacy and safety.
The shopping district known as Boardwalk is located here, created to guarantee that each and every want and requirement of the locals is satisfied and complied with.
Not only that Boardwalk has all what you need and a bit more, it is also one of the best compounds in new capital, which is considered an asset.

How is Boardwalk different?

The most desirable living quarters for a brighter future. Atric Developments has created a one-of-a-kind architectural experience for its clients with the “BoardWalk” compound.
This experience provides clients with an integrated community of services, facilities, and entertainment options.
Due to the fact that this will be the first environmentally friendly compound in the New Capital, the project was developed in accordance with policies for sustainability that have been accepted on an international level.
The New Capital was selected as the location for the compound’s headquarters because it is one of the best new cities in Egypt, the most vibrant and diverse.
In addition to its distinguished location that makes it close to all of the landmarks of Greater Cairo.
As New Capital is calm and away from the hustle and bustle of the city. This led to the decision that the New Capital should serve as the location for the compound’s headquarters. It is also ranked among the best compounds in new capital.

What makes Boardwalk’s location a plus?

The position of Boardwalk is unrivalled, as many famous landmarks are only a few minutes’ walk away from you, so, you will never feel alienated.
At R7 Boardwalk, you’ll find yourself directly adjacent to the Diplomatic Village, close to Expo City and Medical City, and just a few minutes away from The Green River.
As a result of its proximity to a large number of significant sites, the R7 neighborhood in the New Capital is known for its high level of activity, which is more secure with all the facilities it has.

Boardwalk’s facilities

  • Secured community
  • Solar energy system
  • Commercial club
  • Underground parking
  • Twin and Town houses
  • Duplex apartments
  • Clubhouse

Why choosing Atric Developments?

With all the benefits mentioned above, we are the only company that provides the best atmosphere, with reasonable prices and a very flexible plant.
We are also considered one of the best compounds in new capital, so it is time to contact us and get your desired slot in Boardwalk,
To enjoy both tranquility and safety, and if you decided to invest in what you own, believe me, the profit will be worth the hype.

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