Properties for Sale in Ein El Sokhna Real Estate

Properties for Sale in Ein El Sokhna Real Estate

Are you looking for a light breezed place to spend your hot summers and enjoy your cold winters? A place where you could get in contact with your Zen self in stable weather.
The search ends now, for you have now reached the perfect place in the Ein El Sokhna real estate range. There is BOHO El Sokhna, where you will find an ideal place to maintain your authentic touch.
In BOHO, not only that you will embrace your authenticity, but you will also unleash the artist within, nurturing your inner child and healing your spirit.


BOHO is considered one of the most astonishing places in the Ein El Sokhna real estate range as it puts you in a one-of-a-kind experience that will levitate your soul.
Every inch of BOHO is nature-based which will add to you the ground energy needed for disconnecting, and it’s considered an all-year escape on the iconic red sea sands.
BOHO is the only place in Ein El Sokhna real estate that offers modern facilities while thriving with a realistic outlook that supports lightning cleansing and a vast landscape of homes that overlooks the sea.
The mix of green and brown in the natural sights in BOHO generates tranquility, peace of mind, and Zen vibes. While the blue seas, along with the salty breeze, give your soul the calmness it needs and emit reliable energy. 

What’s beyond natural features?

While BOHO might seem like a place only to those who want to chill, it is also suitable for kids with its huge kids’ area, cinemas, and beach swings that both adults and kids could enjoy.
BOHO also has a very wide sports yard that will make you maintain your everyday habits while chilling in a place so dreamy, which makes it more familiar.
Hammocks for a good read bathing in the sun, seven pools, and magical water features. Beach showers that help you escape the sticky sands and snack bars to enjoy in the bay, a remarkable bohemian experience. This makes it a unique place in the Ein El Sokhna real estate range.

Why is BOHO your best option in Ein El Sokhna real estate?

BOHO offers a full range of cozy Chalets with different landscapes, including water features, that meet your expectations and give you control of the required atmosphere that makes you feel at home.
If you are in for a more of a fancy pinch, the range of the standalone villas and townhouses will be the perfect place for you.
A place where they all enjoy a sea view and sentimental vibe all over the area. It is authentic and unique, which makes it different from the rest of the homes in Ein El Sokhna.

Where to go?

BOHO is located at Zaafarana road, which makes it 3 kilometers away from the second exit on Galal’s road. An 80-minute drive from Cairo will lift you to the place where all your needs are matched and exceeded. A dive that will take you into the bohemian gateway that will not only cleans your soul but further connects you with the divine power within you.

Go get your own peace of mind on the shores of the magical red sea and enjoy every bit of the year, getting more in touch with yourself in a place where everything is cozy and guiding you to your own authentic self.

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