The Best properties for sale in Ain Sokhna Egypt

properties for sale in Ain Sokhna Egypt



Get yourself a property from the coziest, peaceful, calm, and delightful properties for sale in Ain Sokhna Egypt surrounded with lush breathtaking

green landscapes, having the bohemian spirit, away from the stress, in the most prestigious and distinguished districts, At Boho Al-Sokhna from ATRIC Developments that managed to weave the bohemian lifestyle with its vibrant and radiant vibes in the fabrics of the beach life.

ATRIC’s properties for sale in Ain Sokhna Egypt

ATRIC developers having experience in the field of real estate in Egypt since 1998, they have mastered the art of living, by making their customer’s comfort their top priority. This comes in the form of meeting delivery dates, providing high-quality building materials, and taking the lead on what’s new in the world of interiors and all of that appears in the Boho project and how well created, peaceful, and how perfect the project is, they focused on creating an enticing place for the free-spirited with our unique and tasteful architecture and high-quality amenities while keeping the aesthetics of the bohemian lifestyle in mind. Boho is the perfect destination if you are looking for the bohemian spirit Boho is located in Ain Sokhna on Zaafarana Road, 3 kilometers from the second exit of Galala Road, and about 80 minutes from the center of the capital.

You can now chill and enjoy the best services and features provided in Boho El Sokhna by Atric Developments

    • Swimming Pools
    • Walkway
    • volleyball court
    • kids area
    • Free Wi-Fi
    • Diving center
    Beach area


Know more about Al Ain Al Sokhna Egypt best real estates:

One of the principal values of traveling is that it breaks the monotony of life and work, it sets your spirit free and helps you to relax, you can only feel that if your accommodation feels like home, gives you comfort and helps you to chill, Boho AlSokhna is the best choice for the most comfortable accommodation at Al Sokhna with its breathtaking view and vast open spaces and the front beach units viewing and embrace the red sea lines, BOHO project is a resort built on an area of 20 acres, only a diminutive space has been used for construction and the rest of the land is for the stunning landscapes with flowering trees, gardens, and the shore. All the units are built to suit each and every customer’s needs using artistic architectures, the project contains 301 units (Chalet – Duplex – Standalone – Townhouse) Around 11 Villas, 36 Townhouses and the rest are Chalets. The project is built on terraces every one height is 6m to facilitate breathtaking sea view for the majority of units and all of that make the unit in Boho Al-Sokhna one of the most distinguished properties for sale in Ain Sokhna Egypt.

The best real estate company to buy property in Ain Sokhna

Stories of investing with unprofessional or troubled real estate developers in Egypt are very real, and very frequent. Some of the problems include late deliveries, hidden costs, false advertising, and poor construction. You can avoid all those problems by dealing with ATRIC developers who have an overall satisfied customer base, a proven track record of building successful residential communities, and having successful projects which make them trustworthy, so if you’re looking for the best properties for sale in Ain Sokhna Egypt it’s definitely ATRIC Developers, you will find your perfect property that exceeds your expectations at Boho Al-Sokhna.