Live the luxury… Get a chalet for sale in Ain El-Sokhna

chalet for sale in Ain El-Sokhna

Let us count what our souls need in a vacation; a healthy lifestyle, a lovely neighborhood, and the Sea. 
But wait, there is more, once you get a chalet for sale in Ain El-Sokhna, ِِat BOHO El-Sokhna project, by Atric Developments.

We know that you deserve the best

Because we believe that you deserve the best; you can enjoy the most stunning views in Ain El-Sokhna, with Boho El-Sokhna.
The project is located in a breathtaking spot in Ain El-Sokhna, at Za’farana Road. Only 3 kilometers away from Galala’s Road second exit.
You can spend the best vacation, at the first bohemian beach on the Red Sea, only an 80-minute trip away from Cairo.

Privacy, Enjoyment, and Relaxation

Get a chalet for sale in Ain El-Sokhna, take your vacation to the next level, unleash your inner self with a ties-free environment, and enjoy your vacation as it should be.
Art and Bohemian Culture are mixing in a unique harmony at BOHO El-Sokhna. Every corner around you whispers with a bohemian spirit, and takes you to another world.
The environment, nature, and landscapes around you, will help you rediscover yourself, and recharge it up.
BOHO El-Sokhna features the largest length of the beach on the Red Sea, about 250,000 meters, which gives BOHO owners privacy and full enjoyment.

Minimalistic Design and Waterscape Everywhere

To help you have an integrated experience, we believe that simplicity is the key. 
BOHO El-Sokhna has a design that combines both simplicity and sophistication. 
The Compound is built on leveled grounds, so that every chalet can get a direct sea view, and waterscape.

Units and Facilities of BOHO El-Sokhna

Atric Developments presents different types of units at BOHO El-Sokhna project, so you can find what you are looking for.
You can find a chalet for sale in Sokhna easily at Boho El-Sokhna with your required standards. All you have to do is choose between the following types: 

  • Chalet
  • Chalet with Garden
  • Duplex 
  • Standalone Villa
  • Town House

Atric Developments provides the following facilities at BOHO El-Sokhna: 

1- Kids Area

2- Sport Yards

3- Night Cinema

4- Beach Showers

5- Boutique Hotel

6- Snack Bar

7- Waterscape

8- Beach Bohemian Swings

9- Seven Pools

10- Elevators

Need to know more about Atric Developments?

If you are looking for a chalet for sale in Ain El-Sokhna, Boho El-Sokhna by Atric Developments is one of the best projects. 
Atric Developments has more than 23 years of experience in the Real Estate world.
What makes Atric unique is: our projects delivery date, diversity of projects, and our installment systems.
As a Real Estate company, we believe that trust is the cornerstone between us and our customers, and the secret of our success.
If you need to know more about our projects, installment system, and our competitive prices; please contact us now: 19526.