How to Choose Your Property in Sokhna?

Buy Property in Ain Sokhna

Ain El-Sokhna is one of the most amazing locations for vacations in Egypt.
Sokhna is super close to the capital, less than a two-hour drive which makes it perfect for a weekend trip.
Hence, here is how to buy a property in Ain Sokhna with competitive prices with ATRIC Developments.

BOHO El-Sokhna

ATRIC Developments is launching BOHO El-Sokhna, the best Bohemian compound in Ain El-Sokhna recently.
Boho El-Sokhna is inspired by its bohemian design. It is the very first bohemian cultured beachfront Resort, so you can feel the bohemian energy all around the place.
The project is about an 80-minute road trip from Cairo, so; you don’t have to spend too much time driving to reach your vacation.

Details in Every Inch

You are going to feel the bohemian atmosphere since your first step in the project.
Also, you are going to experience the details of the waterscape till you reach the beach.
Boho El-Sokhna is built on a multi-level ground to enjoy the blue scenery of the waterscape from your unit.

Choose What You Need

In case you need to buy property in Ain Sokhna; ATRIC Developments offers different types of units such as the following:

1- Standalone Villa:

Standalone Villa with area 322 m2. Every villa features an open wide vision for the sea.

2- Town House:

We also provide Town Houses with open wide vision for the sea, and every single villa enjoys sea views.

3- Duplex:

Areas ranging from 100 m2 to 187 m2, with sea view, pool view, and landscape view.

4- Chalet:

With areas ranging from 47 m2 to 157 m2. 

5- Chalet with Garden:

Areas ranging from 47 m2 to 149.

Buy Property in Ain Sokhna

Since we believe that everyone deserves the best, ATRIC Developments offers you your chalet in Boho El-Sokhna with a very competitive price.
We also offer different types of units with breathtaking views, and amazing installment systems.
Contact ATRIC Developments now, to know more about our offers: 19526.