Reasons why you should buy a Duplex for sale in Egypt

Duplex for sale in Egypt

Once you think about buying your first home, Duplexes should be one of the first options to cross your mind.
Duplexes provide you with all the features of villas, but at a lower cost.
ATRIC Developments offers you the best Duplex for sale in Egypt, at competitive prices, and with multiple payment systems.

Lower Cost, More Features

The Duplex is a residential property with two units that offers you the benefits of standalone villas with a much lesser price.
Buying a duplex means that you can indulge in a  luxurious wide spaced home all along with a majestic outdoor green space for your kids or gatherings.

Boardwalk Compound

If you are looking for a duplex for sale in the New Administrative Capital, ATRIC Developments offers you the best duplexes in Boardwalk Compound.
Boardwalk Compound is located in the heart of the golden district of R7.
Everything there is reachable because of the vital location, so you are going to find everything around you in this special residential area.
The compound offers you an integrated community, and designed to be the first environmental-friendly compound in the New Capital, that guarantees a healthy lifestyle.
The compound is calm and away from the city’s hustle, and also offers you all the features you need to live a high-end life.
Boardwalk provides the following facilities:

  • Solar Energy System
  • Clubhouse
  • Commercial Hub
  • Underground Parking

What is unique about ATRIC Developments?

If you are looking for a duplex for sale, ATRIC Developments is happy to add you as one of our happy clients.
Your satisfaction is our mission. You can find what you need in all of our projects, because ATRIC Developments has more than 20 years of experience in the real estate world, and we offer different spaces, and multiple types of units.
Contact us now to book your unit, and know more about our prices, and installment systems: 19526.