A Villa for Sale in New Cairo

villa for sale in New Cairo

ATRIC Developments owns many special projects, in many vital and strategic sites in Egypt.
One of these special projects is Divina Gardens Compound in El-Shorouk City. Hence, if you are looking for a villa for sale in New Cairo, now you can get the best one with a competitive price.

Reasons why you should live in New Cairo

New Cairo is not only a new city, it is also a good chance for you to start a new life, and here are some reasons to why you should live in New Cairo:

1- Ideal Places for Outings:

In case you are looking for new places to spend a good time, then New Cairo is your destination.
New Cairo has too many outstanding restaurants, with unbelievable variety of food and clubs.

2- Excellent Education:

Great future starts where excellent education exists. New Cairo is a home for the best international schools and universities, which your kids can join.

3- A Variety of Cultures:

New Cairo different cultures and different backgrounds, because people from many neighboring countries are living there.

4- High-end Life:

New Cairo is also a city that will guarantee a high-end life, because all the finest compound are around you.

Divina Gardens Compound

Divina Gardens Compound El-Shorouk City by ATRIC Developments, is the best choice for every seeker of a villa for sale in New Cairo.
Divina Gardens Compound is located in the heart of El-Shorouk City, near all the new cities; Badr City, El-Rehab City and more.
The location of Divina Garden itself gives you a complete access to El-Shorouk City, and the main roads around you.
Calmness and security are everywhere, in addition to our integrated services including but not limited to: Walkway, Kids Area, and swimming pools.

More about ATRIC Developments

You still looking for a villa for sale in New Cairo? There is no reason to wait more, ATRIC Developments offers you your new villa with competitive prices, and astonishing installments systems.
ATRIC Developments has more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry. We use premium building materials, utmost designs, and facilitating a convenient walkaround.
Contact us now to know more about our offers: 19526.